“It’s Who You Know”

Job Sectors at igloo ... 

Automotive, Transport and Logistics.

We deal with a broad range of clients who require a huge array of different skills across three specific job sectors - Automotive, Transport and Logistics.

From small Body Shops operating locally in the UK to Multi-National Distribution Centres there's always a job to suit everyones needs and capabilities.

igloo - proud to be different.

We also have a division of igloo Drivers who are employed on full time contracts to offer job security in return for the flexibility to work with a number of different companies when required.

Automotive ... 

From Concept Design to Manufacturing and assembly we have the knowledge and client base to offer positions locally to you.

We currently work with, and recruit for, many industry leading companies across the work sectors outlined above. And we recruit people at all levels of ability across a broad skill base.

We also recruit for engineering disciplines such as design, development, analysis, quality control, manufacturing, production and testing. 

On the more commercial side of things we accept applications for jobs in Procurement, Sales and Human Resources.

Upload your CV or request a call back today - you won't be disappointed.

Transport and Logistics ...

Again, we recruit across all areas of these sectors from HGV Drivers to Van Drivers right across the spectrum to General Warehouse Operatives, Team Leaders and Administrational Support. 

With a network of operations across the UK we're bound to have a vacancy in your area at an above average wage.

Permanent, temporary and contract work is on offer dependent on your needs so you can register today and be available for work tomorrow - it's that easy with igloo.

We commit to treating you as a person not a number and to be open and honest with you at all times.